About Vlad

Vladimir received his first camera at the very early age of 7 . Viewing the world through the lens of the camera and developing the black and white prints became his first love. Throughout the years Vladimir discovered how to produce an image in a highly creative manner while staying true to the feeling of that crucial moment in time. His talent led him to teach photography and have his photographs published in several magazines. Before moving to Canada from Slovak republic, Vladimir found inspiration and captured beautiful images on his travels around the world ( in over 52 countries and counting ).  


Upon settling in Canada, he continued to find and photograph the beauty of life and landscapes of his new home country. Continued traveling provided Vladimir with the opportunity to photograph amazing scenes from West Cost beaches through the Rocky Mountains to Niagara Falls and beyond… With an eye for the magic of a scene he continues to capture “Beauty in unexpected places” at home and around the world. To stay true to his own vision and keeping the highest quality possible Vladimir is printing the majority of his photographs at his studio, completing the circle from the idea to the print. Vladimir’s work is currently sold in several galleries, art stores, and through private sales around the world. Please contact Vladimir for more information if you are interested in a photography session, lessons or becoming a re-seller of his art.

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